We use a combination of counseling and executive coaching methodologies, coupled with direct experience from “both sides of the desk”—as a former board member and headmaster—to keep all sides on the same page.

How We Help During Transitions in Leadership

New Head: During a transition

After the new Head is appointed but before the sitting Head or Interim Head departs, we interview stakeholders, conduct a formal assessment of operations, analyze available data in admission and development, and create an executive summary to be presented to the Board and Head of School. This document will allow the new Head to hit the ground running and establish a foundation for initial goal setting and leadership expectations.

New Head: Upon Assuming New Role

When the new Head of School arrives, we work with the Head and Board to establish first-year goals and expectations. Additionally, we design a customized communication protocol, facilitated by us, to always keep the two on the same page.

New Board Chair

When a new Board Chair is appointed, it is imperative that the Head of School effectively communicates the State of the School, what the Head has accomplished thus far and what challenges lie ahead as they relate to the school’s strategic vision. We work directly with the Head of School and Board to prepare an executive summary for the new Chair, allowing both to begin the relationship on the same page.

How We Help During Challenging Times

Enhancing the Partnership

When a Head of School and Board begin to face challenges from other constituencies, such as parents and teachers, they must be on the same page. We provide both-sides- of-the-desk coaching to the Head, playing a supporting and go-between role. Through direct and timely communication protocols, or other effective strategies, we ensure that the Head of School and Board clearly understand the core elements of the situation and that both have a dedicated resource paying attention to the challenge at hand.

Crisis Management

If a Board and Head of School find themselves in a situation where they begin to question the future of the School’s leadership, we provide third-party conflict resolution strategies in an attempt to resolve the matter.

Faculty Morale

Solid morale creates an engaging, professional environment. On the flip side, negative morale can dampen the most brilliant visions and stymie the Board and Head’s goals. This toxic environment can drive a wedge between the Head/Board partnership, leading to a breakdown in the relationship.

We address this challenge by crafting a customized program of transparent communication, that articulates realities. In these situations, we act as a third-party advisor to three key constituencies (heads, boards and faculty) and execute a series of meetings and communication strategies to get everyone on the same page.