We foster partnerships that ensure healthy and meaningful relationships exist between school heads, boards and teachers and enable independent schools to achieve their strategic goals and advance their missions.

What We Do

Focusing on the head of school/board chair and teacher dynamic, we keep them on the same page by:

  • Working during the transition period before a new head arrives
  • Establishing first-year goals for new heads and board chairs
  • Establishing and codifying communication protocols
  • Monitoring and improving progress toward ongoing objectives
  • Enhancing communication and relationship building
  • Providing an outside perspective to crisis resolution
  • Solving problems while they are still relatively minor
  • Supporting new appointments in Board leadership
  • Enhancing current relationships through improved communication
  • Addressing faculty morale issues


We truly believe that developing the relationship between heads of school and board chairs is the key to a successful independent school. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the coaching and relationship support provided by Davis & Benedict, we will refund the fees associated with that period of service (less travel-related and material expenses).