Facilitating meaningful relationships between heads of school, boards, and teachers.

The Challenge


Facilitating meaningful relationships between heads of school, boards, and teachers.

The Scenario

Last night at the basketball game, the board chair got an earful from a parent about a popular faculty member who was disgruntled with the School. Quite concerned, she called the Head this morning to get a sense of how things were going. When the Head took the call, he was preparing for a challenging Department Chair meeting on weighted GPAs. The two discussed the progress being made on the capital campaign. When they hung up, the Chair was still concerned and the Head was not only thinking about faculty reaction to a curricular change, but whether the Chair’s son would get some playing time in tonight’s game – for a change.

Neither tells the other what they should and no one is on the same page.

The Challenge

The Challenge

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re not alone.

Today’s independent schools have increasingly demanding expectations of their heads, boards and teachers. Strapped for time and juggling many responsibilities, it’s no wonder communication breakdowns have become commonplace. As a result, it is a challenge to keep everyone on the same page in this ever-changing environment.

The Opportunity:
To Build Concinnity

Concinnity: the skillful and harmonious adaptation of the parts and logic among the elements of a discourse.

Addressing communication challenges is difficult to do alone. This is especially true for time-strapped teachers, school heads, and board members who are often consumed by their day-to-day responsibilities. Retaining an experienced support team to create concinnity, will help keep everyone on the same page.

The Opportunity

Our Approach

We foster partnerships that ensure healthy and meaningful relationships exist between schools heads, boards and teachers and enable independent schools to achieve their strategic goals and advance their missions.

By spending thorough time listening to every constituency, we uncover the time-sensitive and most-meaningful issues that affect the dynamic relationship between boards, heads, and teachers. We summarize these issues and convert them into mutually-supported action steps for the board and head to implement. We are committed to success, using an on-going approach to ensure follow up and continual focus on key priorities.

When everyone is on the same page, schools can thrive and best support their students.

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